Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

At Yellowstone National Park

Already early next morning we arrive at Yellowstone National Park. The road is winding, in some parts pretty steep, through the mountain scenery. 

Soon we are able to watch our first bear by the roadside.

We pass Bridge Bay campground, where we had reserved a site by phone the day before, and already check in. Than we go on to the famous Old Faithful geyser, that is situated in the middle of the biggest geyser area in the park. making several stops on the way. Here we spend more than three hours including a worthwhile visit of the Old Faithful Inn.

 On the way to Madison we stop at several other attractions, including Firehole Canyon Drive. It's warm, but the breeze is strong.

Then we take the northeastern loop via Norris and Canyon Village 50 miles back to our campground. About four miles before our destination suddenly the road is blocked in front of us by a big fallen tree. It must have happened only a few minutes ago as we are standing almost at the top of the line. To turn around would cost 100 miles and three hours of driving. So we patiently wait around one hour until Rangers from the opposite side have shredded the obstacle with chain saws and put it aside, before the road is open again.

Hence we only arrive around 8 pm at our campground. We are glad to have checked in in the morning already, because now campers are waiting in a long line in front of the office. To our surprise a bison is grazing in the middle of the campground.

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