Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

From Helena via Great Falls to Valier (Montana)

June 21: After a night like that in the morning we are a little slower than usual. In Helena we do some shopping at Walmart and remember that Montana does not have a sales tax. At least we buy a new water and a sewer hose. Now would be the right time for a bigger purchase, but we do not need anything else.

In Florida we sometimes have lunch at the Golden Corral because we love their salad buffet. There are very few of them in the Northern states, only two in Montana. One of them is located right at the interstate exit in Great Falls, and we do not want to miss that.

In the afternoon we camp in Valier at Frances Lake campground on the lake. Whenever possible we prefer the nicely located public campgrounds (state or county parks, this one is a “city“ park).

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