Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

June 25: From Banff we drive the 54 km (35 mi) to Lake Louise, but we take the Bow Valley Parkway instead of the four lane Trans Canada Highway. Soon we see lots of wildlife by the road.

From a parking lot we hike 20 minutes up the Johnston Canyon to the lower falls, a worthwhile hike. It is still relatively dark in the canyon as before 9 am the sun is not high enough yet, but we are almost on our own. On the way back we run across hundreds of people, and the parking lot that had been almost empty earlier is filled up now, among others by five buses.

In Lake Louise we first take the 11 km (7 mi) mountain road up to Moraine Lake. Unfortunately on the way up the sun disappears behind grey clouds for the rest of the day. 

 Moraine Lake

 Lake Louise

Down at Lake Louise we decide to take a little hike to escape the tourist crowd. In 3.5 km (2.5 mi) distance there is a tee house up at Lake Agnes. Well, we had imagined that a little different. The trail constantly leads steeply uphill, and after the first half mile it is hard to walk. In the last part we struggle with snow and ice residues. After 95 minutes we quite exhausted arrive at our destination. Agnes Lake is still frozen over.

Agnes Lake

On the way down once again it starts raining. For tomorrow the weather forecast is rain all day. We decide to return to Banff (the campground in Lake Louise is right next to the railway tracks) and simply sit tight for a day, because by all means we want to see the Icefields Parkway to Jasper in nice weather.

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