Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

At the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

June 19: After yesterdays big program we take it easy today and only cover the southeast area of the park. Already early in the afternoon we arrive at our next campground (Fishing Bridge). For tonight we made an appointment there with Keith and Doreen, who coincidentally visit Yellowstone at the same time.

June 20: The day starts with 35 degrees F and the roofs of the cars are covered with a thin layer of snow. In the morning we spend more than three hours around the impressing “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone“. First we explore the South Rim, than the North Rim, where we descend a steep trail with serpentines and stairs. The way back takes four times as long.

Afterwards we leave Yellowstone taking the north exit. We are in Montana. The excellent and wide road leads through a scenery that reminds us of South Bavaria. In Livingston once again we spend an hour and a half with the computer in the public library using their Wifi.
Then we continue our way to Glacier National Park. Late in the afternoon we arrive at a very basic campground near Townsend, located nicely on the bank of Missouri River. In our campground directory it is listed as a campground and posted as such, but it is more a picnic site with a toilet.

The good news: it is free of charge. The bad news: there is a railroad track nearby, and at night there is quite a lot of traffic.

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