Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Rainy Banff

In Radium Hot Springs we enter the Kootenay National Park that further east borders the Banff National Park. The scenery is spectacular, but unfortunately we do not see much of it because of the rain.

Around Banff the mountains are wrapped in clouds, too, but at least there the showers are sometimes interrupted by short dry periods.

We get us a site on one of the three Tower Mountain campgrounds and drive back the 3 km (2 mi) to the Banff center. There we stay for an hour with our computer in the library because outside we do not miss much. Then with lots of other tourists we roam the city, always interrupted by rain showers.

At 4 pm suddenly the sky clears up within a few minutes, the sun is shining. Now everybody gets hectic. We first drive to an overlook opposite from the famous Fairmont Banff Springs hotel. 

Then we go up to the lower terminus of the gondola to Sulphur Mountain. We are not the only ones as the photo from above the parking lot shows. There are lots of motorhomes here, and 90 percent of them are rentals as the decals tell.

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