Montag, 11. Juni 2012

From Missouri to Ellis (Kansas)

June 9: Start at 6 am at the break of dawn. In Blue Springs, still in Missouri, just before Kansas City, I fill up the gas tank at a Walmart ($3.15). From now on the gas will be a lot more expansive.

Crossing Kansas City is easy, as it is Saturday. The 30 miles from KC to Topeka are a toll road ($2.50). And then the long journey across Kansas is like I always read and heard, endless, tedious and boring, all around flat up to the horizon. It is hot again and very gusty.

At 4.30 pm I arrive at the “Ellis City Campground“. It does not really look like a campground, just 15 sites side by side under old trees between a small river and a side street without any fence. Each site has electric, water, table, grill and fire pit, in the middle is a small sanitary building. Later the police arrives in a squad car and collects the $15 fee, that's a new experience. But the big surprise is the free Wifi coming from an antenna on the bathhouse.

The village (2,000 inhabitants according to wikipedia) appears like a storybook small village from the forties or fifties. So “City“ might be a little exaggerated. The little campground is situated right on the outskirts of the village.

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