Montag, 11. Juni 2012

On the road again (USA)

Finally another trip in the US. We are planning a big loop from Denver (Colorado) via Mt. Rushmore (S. Dakota), Yellowstone (Wyoming) on to Canada: Banff, Icefield Parkway, Jasper to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, duration five weeks.

But first our motorhome that is stored in Florida has to get to Colorado. This transfer I will do on my own. June 3rd I fly to Florida. One week later I plan to pick up Billie at the Denver airport.

The following three days are completely filled with preparing the motorhome, renewing the driver license, shopping and so on. After sitting so long (summers in storage, winters on our campsite) the tires, most of all the front tires, meanwhile are more like eggs than round and that cannot be missed when driving. I bite the bullet and order two new front tires at the dealer. They are supposed to be delivered by early next morning. I am smart and call for confirmation before I go there the next morning. At the tire shop the motorhome is jacked up and the wheels and the tires are dismounted. When the new ones are rolled in I take a short look: wrong size ! Then we wait two hours for the delivery of the right size.

On the way back I want to fill up the gas tank. After a few gallons I notice a big puddle under the vehicle. Oh no ! I want to leave tomorrow. Back again to a small RV repair, they already know me from last year. Fortunately it's only a loose hose at the tank, and they fix it at once and even at no charge.

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