Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

A small technical problem

June 13: In the morning it is comfortably cool at 55 F/13 C, in the afternoon it will be 82 F/28 C again. At first we drive exactly northbound, parallel to the interstate to Fort Collins, on the way grocery shopping and filling up gas. Here in Colorado the gas station at Walmart (Murphy) does not accept the Walmart prepaid card, I have to use my credit card.
Then we realize that the electric step that automatically drives in and out when opening the motorhome door does not work anymore. It gets stuck in the middle, bucks a little, and then stops. I push it up manually, but it comes down completely after a short drive. We cannot drive on this way. At the interstate exit is a RV dealer. The mechanic states a gear problem, the right spare part would have to be ordered, delivery after two days. Of course we do not want to wait. We push the step up, simply pull the plug and tie the step up. From now on we release it when arriving on a campground in the afternoon and tie it up again the next morning.

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