Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

At Glacier National Park

June 22: Glacier National Park does not really keep what we had expected because of several reasons. One important reason is the weather; today for the first time the sky is dark grey and there are even a few rain drops. We enter the park from West Glacier. We alrady knew that the “Going-to-the-Sun-Road“ across the park is closed for vehicles longer than 21 ft. and were planning to take a shuttle bus to the summit in the middle and back. But the bus is operating only in July and August ! 
We can drive the first 17 miles along Lake McDonald to Avalanche. But the road winds through dense forest and allows only very few glimpses at the lake and the snow covered mountains. There is only a small circle for turning In front of the prohibition sign after 17 miles and that is mostly blocked by parked cars. Quite disappointed we return; that was not very successful.

Furthermore Glacier N.P. is not exceedingly exciting for Europeans who know the Alps. And so close after Yellowstone the enthusiasm is probably limited everywhere. Good we at least own the annual pass and did not pay $25 entry fee.

We continue to Whitefish, and after occupying a site on the State Park campground on the lake we return one mile to the village that is unusual nice, and it also has a library with Wifi. At 4.30 pm suddenly the sky is blue again and the sun is shining.

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