Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

From Whitefish to Whiteswan

That was supposed to be the headline today. But unfortunately things did not work that way.

The sky is grey today. In the morning we cross the border to Canada north of Eureka; we are in British Columbia. First we go to Cranbrook. At the gas stations we see the gas price posted at can$ 1.32 per litre, that is about US$5.02 per gallon. Good that we filled the tank to the brim at $3.58 per gallon in Eureka. In a shopping center we see that all other prices are considerably higher here than in the US, too.
At a bank ATM we try to withdraw canadian money, but the machine is unwilling. We need to park in front of the nearby library (to use their Wifi) and call the German bank on skype. At least one of our cards is working thereafter.

Meanwhile the sky has changed its color from light grey to dark grey. On our way north we turn off to Whiteswan Lake. Only a 22 km (14 mi) long bad gravel road is leading there. But there are several campgrounds and on the way the hot Lussier springs, where we want to take a bath. 

After 18 km (11 mi) we arrive at the springs. But the water is not even lukewarm. As we continue to the lake it starts raining. The first two campgrounds do not have any facilities (no electric, no water, no toilets), are narrow and in dense forest (and charge $16), the next two ones are said to be the same. At 3 pm it is almost dark on the campsites already. So we do not hesitate long. In pouring rain we struggle the 22 km gravel road back to the main road. About one hour later we end up at Dry Gulch Provincial Park in Radium Hot Springs.

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