Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Another day at Custer State Park

Only late in the morning we leave Wolf Camp and its very nice and friendly owners, not without having visited the wolf corral once more. We gladly recommend this campground. Unfortunately we had reserved a campsite in the state park yesterday by phone.
In our opinion the occupancy system in the state park is not very tourist friendly, as only reservation is possible. Even when you arrive at a campground with lots of open sites you can only get a site when you call a reservation desk. They will assign you a site for the same day. Beside the dayly fee of couse you have to pay a reservation fee of more than $7.
First we go to Custer and spend some time with our laptop in the library using their good Wifi. Then we drive up to Sylvan Lake and walk round it.

Later in the afternoon we occupy our reserved site on Stockade Lake Campground South, but we do not like it. Most of the sites are hanging, in dark forest, and in spite of the name the campground is near the lake, but not on the lake.

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