Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Waiting in Denver

Since yesterday (June 11) I am in the Cherry Creek State Park in Denver and the weather is perfect. So far I drove 1.880 miles, and I even could have made it in three and a half days. In a few hours I go to the airport, and then finally the journey will continue a deux. It's not so great to travel alone.

The state park campground at the edge of the city is very open and spacious. And it actually has Wifi ! On the other hand it has the most expensive toll road I ever drove. Besides the overnight fee of $18 (no hook up) resp. $26 (full hook up) for every vehicle entering the state park a $9 day pass has to be paid, even for the barely one mile to the campground. But in return the drive out the next day is free of charge! Calculated in a different way that is $4.50 for each way of less than a mile.

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