Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Finally through Kansas

Addendum: I take back anything that sounded positive about the Ellis campground. It is a horrific place !! Across the village and about 100 yards from the campground runs the railroad track from Kansas City to Denver. That the endless freight trains make the earth vibrate somewhat might be bearable. Much worse is the piercing sound of the persistently hooting engine.

I am two days early for my airport date. But probably it is only going so well because I have these two days in reserve for unforeseen problems. Only at 10 am I leave. The sky is blue, but it is very gusty. The storm keeps getting worse, and for almost 100 miles the gusty sidewind is so strong that I have to slow down to under 50 miles per hour but still am struggling to keep the motorhome on the road. This is the worst drive I remember.

Already after three and a half hours I settle on a campground in Colorado, 130 miles before Denver, because it has a good Wifi and I can spend the rest of the day better than on my own in a state park.

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