Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Another day in Kelowna

There was again a cancellation yesterday and we accept the offer to stay another day at the farm. Leslie runs the farm almost on her own, with part time hands only, her husband is working in town. They have eggs from more than hundred free-running hens, flowers, some fruits and vegetables, and of course the RV park.
In the morning we first drive to an RV and truck wash. After four weeks and two wet gravel roads the lower half and the complete back of the motorhome is quite dirty. The unit does not operate on coins, but has to be activated and afterwards has to be paid by the minute ($0,85). That of course is a challenge. I dash around the motorhome with water gun and foam brush and make it in under eight minutes.

Then we take the bicycles along Okanagan Lake in the downtown area. It is stormy and chilly, but it does not rain. The great houses along Abbot Street, the City Park, the Marina and so on, all laid out very lavishly and very nice.

In the afternoon even the sun shows up and the temperature for a short time almost hits the 20 degree C (68 F) mark. Protected from the wind we can sit outside for a while.

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